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2011-07-23 13:26:07 by Rylumin

I've been inactive for a seriously long amount of time now. x.x; College and work does that to you. Right now, I'm looking for some motivation to make another animation. Well, that and a new laptop. My desktop can't take all the graphic programs. x.x;

Either way, I'm hoping to make a comeback in the new future.


Battle Royal

2009-01-25 17:40:05 by Rylumin

I finally finished the first installment of my "Battle Royal" series. I'm going to start working on Episode 2 right away. It may take a while though... Life is seriously keeping me busy. Anyway, for those interested. The next fight is between Monkey D. Luffy and Kid Buu. And, maybe there will be something more with X and Zero. I promise to make it even better than the Episode 1.